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Road freight transport is integral to trade, communities and business. According to all prognoses, demand for transports is expected to rise continuously. At the same time, attention to the external effects of transports is increasing – emissions effect the environment and the global climate, and companies operating on the road have a great responsibility for road safety. In addition, road haulage companies in Sweden employ some 150 000 people and thus have a social responsibility. A prerequisite for sustainable transformation is also long term financial sustainability and resilience.


Fair Transport aims to replace price competition with quality competition. Let’s call it a moral responsibility – we are collectively responsible for that what we pay others to do for us does not harm the environment and public health. There is a liability on par of transport buyers, regulated by Swedish law, that stipulates that anyone buying a transport is obligated to inquire about permits required for road haulers. Fair Transport is the road haulage sector means to raise the bar and take responsibility for sustainable transports the whole way.

Fair Transport strengthen serious road haulage companies in an increasingly hard competition and make it easier for responsible transport buyers looking to contract a road haulage company. If you buy a Fair Transport you are not only buying a service from a company complying to laws and regulations regarding working environment, emissions and road safety. You are also buying a transport from a company who measure and transparently present their data and practice and who take responsibility for continuous improvement.


Fair Transport is an initiative taken by road haulage companies. Fair Transport highlight sustainable transports, give the transport buyer correct and trustworthy information, and support road haulage companies in their improvement.

Var med och ställ krav för en trygg och hållbar framtid!

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