Levels and criteria

Sub heading

In order to start the journey towards fulfilling national and international climate goals, and to embrace the opportunity to develop your business through certification, Fair Transport is also available in value-added levels, 1 through 3.

Basic requirements and criteria

When registering, the haulier needs to provide general information about the undertaking and its activities. This is essential for the evaluation of standards in the areas of climate, environment, road safety and responsible business conduct in order for them to be fair and comparable.

For example:

  • A brief description of the company, such as its business model
  • Employee and fleet data
  • Tax information

In addition to the requirements as stipulated for the different levels, the affiliated company must live up to the purpose and objectives of certification and have a plan to positively develop their environmental and climate criteria as specified in the value-added levels.

Purpose and objectives

Fair Transport contributes towards sustainable and safe transport services. Transport companies that are Fair Transport certified take responsibility, embrace road safety and take their environmental and climate impact seriously. With the help of Fair Transport, we can contribute towards achieving set climate goals, Vision Zero and create the right conditions for healthy competition on equal terms.

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