Road safety responsibility

Safety throughout the transport chain

Increased road safety does not only save human lives. It also reduces the cost of fuel and damage to goods and vehicles. And that means safe deliveries every time.

Driving a truck that weighs up to 60 tones is a great responsibility. It is therefore vital that your employees are alert and rested. A driver who adheres to working hour limitations, takes rest times seriously and won’t exceed the maximum number of permitted working hours is a safe driver. A haulier who follows the rules, keeps an eye on working hours and fulfills its delivery agreements is more road safety aware than a haulage company that does not follow the rules. It also provides the driver with a good working environment and advantageous working conditions.

Any serious company is of course uncompromising when it comes to the use of alcohol and drugs. For this reason, a large proportion of Swedish haulers have alcohol locks installed on their vehicles.

Another aspect of road safety is ensuring that the goods is loaded correctly and properly secured. This should be done according to the load’s weight, length and width. In order to ensure that vehicles are roadworthy and safe, they should be inspected regularly and properly maintained.

A reputable haulage company complies with traffic rules and speed limits, ensures that its drivers follow regulations regarding driving, rest times, loads and how these should be secured while only operating approved vehicles.

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