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Road transport is necessary for the smooth functioning of the business community and society in general. Forecasts show that demand for transport services are on the rise while at the same the impact of road transport on our society regarding environment and climate, road safety and employee wellbeing are focused on. In other words, the haulage industry will continue to play an extremely important role. For that reason, the responsibility of all companies within the road transport industry – for employees, for the environment and for road safety become equally important.

Sustainable transportation provided by responsible haulers
Fair Transport is the transport industry’s sustainability certification of road freight transport and is our response to increased expectations from the outside world on our operations. All certified companies meet at set of quality criteria and are continuously followed up through an independent, third-party review. Certification thus ensures that the services provided by approved operators are carried out in a responsible, safe and sustainable way.

Various levels
Fair Transport sustainability certification is divided into three different levels of added value. The criteria differ, but all cover climate and environment, road safety and responsibility.
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Fair Transport is designed as a tool for both those who buy and those who sell transport services. Certification means that both parties are assured that the transport chain is safe, climate-smart and provides good working conditions for employees. Through an independent third-party review, certified companies are thoroughly scrutinized to ensure that all agreements are followed. It is in this way that we can create reliable and sustainable improvements over time.
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Fair Transport means sustainable business for all involved. For everyone who sells transport services, for everyone who buys them, for the end customer and for society as a whole.

Om Fair Transport

A clear concept

The idea is simple. If you buy a Fair Transport, you are not just paying for the services of a haulage company that meets legal requirements regarding road safety, emissions and work environment. You are also signing a contract with a haulage company that has certified its operations, and that continuously reviews, openly reports and takes responsibility for the continuous improvement of its business practices. Through Fair Transport, The Swedish Association of Road Transport Companies wants to prove that we take sustainable transport very seriously.

We show the way

The way road freight transport evolves is largely in the hands of the companies and organizations that buy transport services. Transport buyers   decide what they want to pay and when the goods should arrive. But this is not very sustainable. More need to be done with respect to safety, the environment, social responsibility and the economy. Still, transport sellers and hauliers can make a difference by setting an example and demonstrating what we can do to act responsibly, promote road safety and think climate smartly. With the help of Fair Transport certification, we can clearly demonstrate that transport costs should be based on more than just taking a load from point a to point b. Equally important is ensuring fair working conditions for drivers, compliance with laws and regulations for road safety and constantly improving the energy efficiency of our fleets. All parts of the supply chain should be evaluated and included in our pricing models so that we as an industry can operate in a sustainable way.

Through an open book policy regarding our focus on sustainability, we can highlight the added value of sustainable transport services in order to motivate buyers to choose what is right. Buyers and sellers of transport services must see the achievement of a sustainable logistics chain as a shared responsibility. This meeting of minds is made possible through the Fair Transport platform. Here, transport buyers can find, compare and select the best possible suppliers of sustainable transport services.

Om Fair Transport

The result – A sustainable logistics chain

Fair Transport is designed to ensure sustainable business models, both for those who sell and those who buy transport services. Just as important is the end customer who is the one that ultimately pays for what has been transported. Sustainability certification of all affiliated carriers ensures that goods can be transported in a smart and sustainable way. Certified companies regularly report business data that can be reviewed in their sustainability report on this website. The figures presented are part of our ongoing independent review. This contributes towards a reliable and sustainable logistics chain.

Fair Transport aims to ensure sustainable business practices, both for those who sell and those who buy transport services, but also for the end customer who ultimately pays for the goods that have been transported. This means that transport sellers deliver on a sustainability promise that is verified through their individual performance evaluation. This is compiled in a sustainability report that is published on this site.

Om Fair Transport

From price to sustainability

Fair Transport intends to replace price competition by sustainability competition. The goal is to clarify and make visible the work that is taking place to achieve better business practices with as little impact on human health and the environment as possible.

Buyers of transport services have a legal responsibility to make sure that the person signing the contract with a road haulage company verifies that the company holds the permits required to carry out the transport as ordered. With Fair Transport, we aim to look far beyond the current definition of ‘necessary quality’. In addition to reliable, safe, and responsible delivery, we want to change in the way transport services are bought and sold. Together with transport buyers, we want to put sustainability before all other issues. If we succeed, we in the haulage industry will over time create both well-functioning transport solutions and a zero percent negative impact from operations complying with all our criteria. It’s ambitious, but it is also necessary. In the end, we can achieve truly sustainable business practices.

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