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Road transportation necessary for the smooth functioning of business and society. Forecasts expect an increased demand for transport services. At the same time attention is focused on its impact on our way of life due to its effects on the environment, climate, road safety and working conditions. Fair Transport aims to contribute towards a sustainable transport sector.

Fair Transport means that sellers and buyers can create a transport industry that is climate-smart, responsible and safe. Transport providers that are approved for Fair Transport certification must comply with a set of requirements with regard to environmental, climate, working environment and road safety standards. It will enable Transport sellers and buyers to develop their business in line with the certification standards.

Fair Transport sets clear terms of use and affiliated companies are monitored in several stages, both by representatives of Fair Transport and by an independent third party to ensure that Fair Transport undertakings keep their promises.

In order to achieve Sweden’s goals with regard to environmental, climate and road safety, significant contributions from all parts of the industry are needed. By choosing companies that are Fair Transport certified and making that certification a requirement during the procurement and contracting processes, you, as transport buyer, also take responsibility for achieving the goals you have set together with the carrier.

To make it possible to start the journey towards achieving tangible climate goals while also having the opportunity to develop within the certification framework , Fair Transport is divided into three value levels 1 – 3.


Fair Transport is designed to contribute towards sustainable and safe transport. Transport companies that are Fair Transport certified take responsibility, prioritize road safety and pay attention to their environmental and climate impact. Through Fair Transport certification, we can contribute towards achieving our climate goals, the Zero Vision target and ensure that there is healthy competition on equal terms.


For transport buyers who monitor their supplier’s performance data,  updated information is available about all certified transport companies here at You can also contact Fair Transport by email or phone +46 10 510 54 70


When you procure transport services and make it a requirement that your suppliers are Fair Transport certified, you will – together with the carrier – contribute towards achieving Swedish climate and road safety goals ensuring a safe and secure working environment and promoting healthy competition. You will also contribute towards reaching global sustainability goals thus promoting sustainable business for everyone.

You can rest assured that these very important criteria will be monitored both by Fair Transport and independent third parties. Approved carriers are listed on the Fair Transport website.

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